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Workshop: Swedish and American Traditional Music Masterclass

Workshop Description:
This workshop will feature tunes and discussion from the rich traditions of Scandinavian and American fiddle music. The workshop will be taught by nyckelharpa player Anna Gustavsson (SWE), and fiddle/banjo player Laurel Premo (USA). All instruments are welcome. After a formal welcome and short 15 minute concert, we’ll dive into learning tunes from both countries by ear, and through the material discuss rhythm, syncopation, intonation, and ornaments inherent in each style.

Tuition Price: $25

Length: 2 hours

Email Lauren to register:

Band Bio: This October, Premo & Gustavsson will release their debut album on a tour throughout the Midwest and Northeast. Swedish nyckelharpa player Anna Gustavsson and American fiddler and banjo player Laurel Premo have forged a new collaboration that weaves together the driving dance-based music traditions from their home countries. With great technical skill and creative sensitivity, Premo & Gustavsson draw not only from deep roots but also their adventuresome musicality as 21st century musicians.