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Von Echstedtska Gården

By special arrangement with The Embassy of Sweden in Washington, DC, The SCC proudly hosts “Von Echstedtska Gården.” The photo series is one of three exhibitions included in Värmland: Stories to be Told, The Embassy’s 2014 collaboration with Sweden’s Värmland Museum to share the uniqueness of the historical province. The photographs capture the beauty of an 18th century manor.

Rustic elegance, symmetry, and simplicity plus biblical scenes and solemn austerity unite with floral paintings and curvy baroque legs during the 1700s in Sweden. The garden gives forth magical herbs and apples from Värmland. Step into Värmland’s enchanted Rococo dream captured by Lars Sjöqvist, photographer at Värmlands Museum. When Bengt von Echstedt and his wife Christina Catharina built the manor in 1762-64, they were certainly not the first people to settle there, but it is their interesting buildings that remain. Today the manor is considered to be one of Sweden’s best preserved Carolinian estates.