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Virtual Program: Legendary Iceland – Land of Fire & Ice

It’s like a virtual vacation to Iceland! This presentation blends together my love of Iceland and its mythology with the landscape and fascinating history. Using photos and video, the trip starts in Reykjavik from the archeological dig of a Viking settlement to the vibrant city of today. From there, we travel around the country, where culture and the fascinating history is brought to life through a tour of vibrant photographs, mythology and stories unique to the towns and regions. This program was developed with my Icelandic mother, Ieda Jónasdóttir Herman, to bring a fun and entertaining look at Iceland from someone who grew up there. This is an interactive experience where participation through Q&A is encouraged.

Saturday, March 20th | 1pm EST | $5; free for SCC Members | register here

HEIDI HERMAN was born and raised in Central Illinois, but her passion and a common theme in her writing is her Icelandic heritage. She was inspired by her mother’s childhood memoir, and began writing about the folklore. After three children’s books, she co-authored an Icelandic-American cookbook co-authored with her mother, Íeda Jónasdóttir Herman, and a novel that features Icelandic elements and some scenes based on her mother’s recounted memories. Her newest work is a non-fiction motivational book that is based on Icelandic lifestyle philosophies and positive outlook. Heidi lives in South Dakota but travels to Iceland as often as possible. She has visited nine times, getting to know relatives, an is working to learn the language. In addition to writing, she loves Scandinavian festivals, cooking, photography, travel, and exploring the outdoors, like any good Viking!

All thirteen books by Heidi Herman and her mother, Íeda Jónasdóttir Herman, are available from Hekla Publishing, Learn more about Heidi from her website at