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Vanemuine Theater: Estonian Operetta at Vanemuine

**This program will be presented in Estonian by the Boston Estonian School**

The Vanemuine Theater will be “Estonian Operetta at Vanemuine”. The performance was premiered in August in Tartu at the 150th anniversary of the Vanemuine Theater.

The most fruitful years in the Estonian operetta history were the years between 1955 and 1970. We don’t talk much about that period now but the operetta music that was composed during these years is very expressive and charming. Merle Jalakas and Jaan Willem Sibul will sing a colorful selection of operetta songs that have been performed at Vanemuine Theater over the years. The pianist is Ele Sonn. We will have a chance to listen to greatest hits – duets and potpourris – from operettas such as “Only a Dream” and “Golden Veal” by Boris Kõrver, “Lights at Home Harbor” and “Jüri from Rummu” by Edgar Arro, “Vacation in Viljandi” and “Following Hermes” by Leo Normet.

Sunday, September 8th | 5:30 | admission $20, $10 children (16 and under)