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Screening: The Emigrants (2021)

Based on Vilhelm Moberg’s much-loved suite of novels — previously adapted in 1971 by Jan Troell into an Academy Award-nominated classic — The Emigrants tells the story of Kristina Nilsson (Lisa Carlehed), a mother who leaves poverty-stricken Sweden with her family in the 1850s on a long, dangerous journey to find a better life for herself and her children in America. When news of opportunities reach the devoutly Lutheran Kristina and her husband Karl Oskar (Gustaf Skarsgård), hardships and tragedy at home lead them to set sail from Småland, alongside fellow passengers who challenge Kristina’s views while laying the foundations of friendship for the days to come. When they land in New York, new perils face them on their trek across the rugged landscape of the Midwest — ranging from schemes of various locals to the dangers of childrearing on the frontier. But as Kristina and Karl-Oskar reach the wilds of Minnesota, they learn to carve out a new life for themselves, as well as opportunities to come.

In Swedish with English subtitles | 148 minutes

Saturday,   January 13th | 1pm | $10; $5 for members | tickets