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Quartet Kalos


Swedish-American ensemble, Quartet Kalos, presents Kalos Inscriptions, a retelling of traditional folk songs through new arrangements and unique instrumentation. In addition to their original take on folk tunes, the members of the ensemble have written original music highlighting the versatility and musicality of the group – a vocalist, clarinetist, cellist and percussionist. Using the poetry of Kathleen Kraft, Quartet Kalos will keep you dreaming while tapping your toes.


In 2014 Quartet Kalos officially came into fruition, but their history is deeper than meets the eye. Two members grew up together in a small town in Sweden, and two grew up in the Midwest of the USA, two met near the Arctic Circle and three serenaded a crowd at a house concert in Paris. All four have created unique and sustainable careers in the arts.

Maria Finkelmeier (percussion), Anna K. Larson (voice), Angela Shankar (clarinet), and Sanna Andersson (cello) created Quartet Kalos to bring a fresh voice to traditional folk songs, while self-composing and commissioning new works that highlight the unique nature of this instrument combination. They regularly work with American poet Kathleen Kraft, creating soaring melodies for her words. The ensemble’s first tour was in Dalsland, Sweden in 2014 consisting of four concerts at unlikely venues celebrating music, food, community, and sustainable living, along with a presentation at the innovative community music school n3. Laughs, fashion, and wine may have brought these women together as friends, but a passion for art and dedication to discovery will keep them together as a musical entity.