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Postcards from Iceland

An exhibition featuring works by three artists inspired by the arctic landscapes of Iceland: painters Rena Shear and Lisa Goren, and photographer David Mangels. On display in the Nordic Hall Gallery May 2nd through August 30th.

“Being in nature is one of the most inspiring experiences to influence my work.  My visit to Iceland was a constant source of input:  the wide open spaces, the colors of the earth, the texture of the rocks, and the size of the mountains were some of the many impressions I took home with me.  This tranquil “other-wordly” landscape now resides in my heart forever, as I look forward to my next journey to the parts I haven’t seen.”
Rena Shear

“The landscapes of Iceland show the earth stripped to its essentials.  It reminds us of a time when the earth was new, and of the fact that geologic processes can be seen unfolding before our eyes.  These four images owe their existence to the simple act of melting water.  Glaciation, and the attendant melt caused by climate change, have fueled the stunning concentration of waterfalls that rival any others in the world, and have created the majestic glacial lagoon of Jokulsarlon.  So, in short, revel in the beauty of melting water.”
– David Mangels

From Iceland to Svalbard, I am inspired by the landscape near and above the Arctic Circle. My works are based (for the most part) on photos from my voyages. Working exclusively in watercolors, I am focused on bringing the colors of the “barren” Polar regions to new audiences through painting ice and rocks in a way that conjures a seemingly abstract reality.
– Lisa Goren