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Norse Runes by Richard Widhu

Reception & Artist Talk

Thursday, April 3rd | 5:30-7:30pm (Artist Talk at 6:30pm)

Richard Widhu has been using lettering as a subject in his paintings for over 20 years. The 24 rune characters of the elder “futhark” alphabet are especially meaningful to Richard, whose ancestry is Norwegian. He often incorporates materials such as metal or wood and uses colors evoking the forest to suggest the culture of Norway before the 14th century, when such runes were used in commerce but were also assigned symbolic associations.

Artist Talk

Richard will explain the origin of traditional runes, who used them and for what purpose, including reproductions of runes found in Scandinavia. He will also touch on his background and fascination with the subject matter.

About Richard Widhu

Richard Widhu has been passionate about art since he was a teenager, learning to paint by looking at and reading about 20th century modern artists’ work. As a child Richard’s family spent much time outdoors, which gave him a reverence for nature, and this became a common theme in his paintings. For 20 years Richard was an active member of several lettering arts groups in the Boston area, exhibiting his calligraphic painting in group shows before moving to New Hampshire, where the beauty of the forested landscape influenced the colors and compositions of his lettering paintings. Richard is a member of the New Hampshire Art Association and shows his work widely in New Hampshire, being accepted in several juried competitions, receiving awards and setting up solo exhibitions.