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LIVE and in Person: Oskar Stenmark

Oskar Stenmark and Alex Pryrodny met in New York City 2014 and formed a strong bond over improvisation, jazz and folk music. Now, they are taking their artistic collaboration to a new level by performing live for the first time since 2019. Their focus is now on classical music, paying homage to Scandinavian composers such as Grieg, Stenhammar, Sibelius and Nielsen. This is a project that Oskar originally planned for 2020 but the pandemic slowed down the process significantly, this will be their first time playing this music together so get ready for an intimate and meaningful concert.

This concert will happen outside on our front lawn. Please bring chairs and/or umbrellas if needed. Proper distancing and masks required. 

Saturday, June 5th | 1pm | $15 for a single ticket, family tickets $45 for 2 adults and minor children; $7 for SCC members