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Evergood Coffee Tasting

Join us for a coffee tasting of the iconic Norwegian coffee brand Evergood.

Join us in the Kaffestugan for a blind taste test of our current coffee and Evergood. YOU help us decide if its time to make Evergood our new coffee brand!

Saturday, November 30th | 12-2pm in the Kaffestugan


It all started back in 1866 when Johan Johannson opened his import business, focusing on coffee, sugar and syrup for the first few years. Back then, raw coffee was sold in sacks to merchants who then sold it on to the end users who roasted and ground the beans themselves. In 1926, the company invested in its first roasting machine, which marked the start of a process where Joh. Johannson, as an importer, gradually took over the process of blending the raw coffee before roasting, grinding and packaging it.

By the mid-1950s, the coffee market was distinguished by coffee importers’ tireless hunt for favorable spot purchases of raw coffee, which often led to major variations in the taste and quality of the coffee that was offered to buyers. This gave Joh. Johannson the idea of marketing a high-quality coffee mixed and blended using the finest types of beans so as to produce predictable taste and quality – every time. The name chosen derived directly from this strategy: EVERGOOD.

Today, the company is a significant European importer of the finest quality coffees from Africa, Asia and South America. No-compromise standards of quality guarantee users some of the finest coffee experiences available anywhere.

We at Joh. Johannson Kaffe strive constantly to deliver the best, tastiest coffee experience. That is why we make stringent demands on every link in the production chain. Good ingredients, the right blend and accurate roasting comprise an art it takes years of experience to master.

Every day, we roast between 70 and 80 tons of top quality coffee beans at our production facility in Oslo, Norway. Once the beans have obtained the right core temperature that helps bring out the fine aroma in the coffee, they are cooled quickly with water, which vaporizes on contact with the hot beans.

When the resulting clouds of steam are blown out of the stacks in the coffee tower, this is a sign that a new batch of beans has been perfectly roasted and is now ready for further refinement. And if the wind is blowing from the right direction, you can pick up a hint of the delightful aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Kenya …