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Book Talk: Men of Terror – A Comprehensive Analysis of Viking Combat

A lecture by Dr. William R. Short

Viking society revolved around violence, as seen in their myths, poetry, law codes, pictures, and even in their house architecture. One Viking, a man named Fraði, was memorialized on a runestone raised 1000 years ago and praised for being a “man of terror”. Who were these people who praised this violence, and what made violence such an integral part of their society?

Join author Dr. William R. Short for an afternoon of surprising research results and fascinating insights into the lives and society of these people we call Vikings: these men of terror. This material, based on a 20+ year-long scientific study of the combative methods of the Vikings, is taken from the book, Men of Terror: A Comprehensive Analysis of Viking Combat, co-authored with Reynir A. Óskarson. The book presents, for the first time, a holistic picture of Viking combat, created by combining and overlaying many different sources.

Saturday, January 22nd | 1pm | register here **advanced registration, and proof of vaccination required**

Purchase the book here and pick up at the event to be signed.

William R. Short is an author, filmmaker, lecturer, and independent scholar specializing in Viking-age topics, notably medieval Icelandic literature, Viking-age material culture, Viking-age weapons, and Viking-age combat techniques.