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Virtual Screening: Women’s Shorts

We are pleased to be co-presenters for the Women’s Shorts being presented as part of Wicked Queer, the 36th Annual LBGTQ+ Film Festival being shown virtually between July 4th and August 2nd.

The Women’s Shorts examine love, break-ups, hook-ups, Fundamentalist Christians, and surprisingly no cats, round out this year’s women’s shorts program. Curated by Katie Shannon.

Included is Sweden’s My World in Yours (Min värld i din). Shams and Stella are in love. Shams hasn’t told Stella that she seeks asylum, nor about Hanine who’s still in Palestine waiting for Shams to help her come to Sweden. Stella works at the Migration office. When Shams has her interview with Swedish Migration Board, Stella shows up as the assistant judge. Shams has to tell the truth to get asylum.

Directed by Jenifer Malmqvist | 2019 | 30 min | Sweden | Swedish with English subtitles

See full list of shorts here.

Saturday, Aug 1, 2020 | 1:00 PM* on | $10 | purchase pass here 

*You will have 24 hours to access the film