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Screening: When the Raven Flies (1984)

Hrafn Gunnlaugsson‘s first Viking film, where he presents a new concept of the Viking era, destroying the stereotype Hollywood image. Set in the middle Ages, the film tells the story of the revenge of Gestur, an Irishman who as a child witnessed the murder of his parents by two Norwegian Vikings, the foster-brothers Thór and Erik, and the taking of his sister as a slave. Gest follows their trail to Iceland and incites their mutual distrust and hatred. His sister stands between two men: the one who once ravished her, the father of her beloved son, and her brother, whom she has also learned to love, and who now wants to rescue her and to avenge their parents’ death.

Film followed by a Q & A with writer and director Hrafn Gunnlaugsson. Interviewed by author of Norse Mythology for Bostonians: A Transcription of the Impudent Edda, Rowdy Geirsson and author illustrator of Barbarian Lord, Matt Smith.

109 Minutes | Icelandic (with English subtitles) | Action, Drama

Sunday, November 15th – Tuesday, December 15th | online at | $15 ; $7 for SCC Members


When not attempting to promote Leif Eriksson awareness, Rowdy Geirsson barely maintains and sometimes contributes medieval history lessons at McSweeney’s and low quality metal fiction at Metal Sucks. He is the author of Norse Mythology for Bostonians (2020), a humorous retelling of the trials and tribulations of Odin, Thor, and the other Norse gods in the charmingly quaint dialect of a foul-mouthed Bostonian.




Matt Smith drew his first Conan the Barbarian adventure when was eight years old. A children’s book illustrator fascinated by traditional lore and comic-book heroes, Matt lives with his wife and their dog in Lexington, Massachusetts. Find Barbarian Lord here.