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Author Series: Lo Dagerman

The SCC is glad to welcome Lo Dagerman, daughter of the famed Swedish author Stig Dagerman, back for a new book launch. Lo Dagerman will present her father’s last novel, Wedding Worries, set in his childhood village of Älvkarleby. It tells the story of the Palm family’s celebration of their young daughter Hildur’s marriage to the older village butcher. The novel begins on the morning of the wedding day with a mysterious knocking on the bride’s window, and ends twenty four hours later after a bacchanalian feast filled with unexpected drama.

Stig Dagerman drew on a memory from the farm where he grew up and the people who populated it.  Lo will tell the story behind the novel, and introduce its characters (including one based on her grandfather!). She will use pictures from Dagerman’s  Älvkarleby  and hopefully also clips from the award-winning Swedish film “Brollopsbesvar” from 1964 with Jarl Kulle & Christina Schollin.

This time my goal was a different type of novel: uncontrolled, wildly colorful and loud – filled by an array of characters …  real people who through the power of their authenticity did not lend themselves to simple psychological analysis. – Stig Dagerman on Wedding Worries

Saturday, October 6th | 7 pm | Free with registration